Workout and diet plan of Sonakshi Sinha

Sonakshi Sinha is one of the most famous celebs of Bollywood. Having made her entry into Bollywood with her debut movie, Dabangg, the dazzling beauty was a fashion designer prior to starting her career in acting.

Dabangg indeed was an outstanding movie, which abruptly made the actress so popular. However, more eminent was the makeover of the actress. Being genetically hefty, Sonakshi used to carry massive weight of 198 pounds. With the overly voluptuous body, she obviously could not save a place for her in movies. After being inspired by the celebrated actor, Salman Khan, the fab actress made her mind to torch unsolicited pounds from her body.

Sonakshi switched to balanced diet and regular exercises and shed sixty six pounds from her body. However, the pretty actress still has not been able to join the league of slender actresses, but since getting to 132 pounds from 198 pounds too was no less than a miracle to her, she is pleased with her new bod.

Sonakshi’s diet plan

  • Her breakfast includes whole wheat toast with cereal and milk
  • For mid morning snack she gorges on some dry fruits along with a cup of green tea
  • Her lunch consists of homemade veggies and chapattis with fresh salad
  • For evening snack she has a fruit followed by a cup of green tea
  • She has her dinner early and does not include any carbs in her dinner. Her dinner is mostly chicken, fish and dal with veggies.
  • She has many cups of green tea everyday and drinks plenty of water to stay hydrated

Sonakshi’s workout routine

  • Her workout regime includes a lot of cardio exercises and spinning.
  • Her cardio comprises of running and cycling along with other cardio exercises
  • She also does a lot of weight training with light weights
  • She practices hot yoga in a temperature controlled room. She performs different postures at 40 degree
  • She loves playing lawn tennis which is great form of physical activity

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