Who does not desire to loose weight overnight? Well. Every does and here we state you one simple technique to loose weight weight and detox it as well overnight.
1. Wrapping with real honey
Take one bowl and take some honey in it. Now add one egg yolk and also add few essential oils to it. Now mix all the ingredients together and make sure there are no lumps left behind. Now apply this mixture over the areas like stomach, thighs or upper arms. Now wrap yourself with aluminium foil or plastic. Now you need to wear some winter cloths and stay under a blanket for atleast one hour. Now remove the plastic and wash off the area with cold water. When you observe the skin now, it is changed and also the cellulite is gone!

2. Wrapping with clay
Wrapping with clay is one of the effective way to detox your body overnight. Take some blue clay, because it contains micro elements that is extremely beneficial for your skin. Now take some small amount of warm water until it converts into a thick cream. Now apply this on the fat targeted areas and than wrap the area with foil paper or with the plastic found at home. Remove the plastic after 1 hour and wash off with cold water. While wrapping the plastic over blue clay, your skin can absorb the micro nutrients that is available in the clay. If you want to get a flat belly within few days, you can follow the same rule and normalize your diet to see the change.

Warning –
If you are affected from cardiovascular ailment, , increased blood pressure, widespread veins, , heart ailment you should never try the methods mentioned above. Wrapping your body with plastic or foil is beneficial for your health.


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